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Choosing an accounting program

Do you want to keep bookkeeping faster and easier, and get more out of your figures? Then you want to switch to beste boekhoudprogramma mkb. In this article we help you to choose a good offline accounting program that suits you and your organization.

There are quite a few bookkeeping programs on the market. Some are very basic; others are very extensive. To choose the right package, you first need to determine which functions you need.


The first question: do you want to do your accounting yourself or do you want to collaborate with an administration office or accountant? It is precisely through offline accounting that the choice for an administration partner can become more attractive.


What functions do you want your accounting package to have? You will always get an overview in the general ledger administration ( balance sheet, profit, and loss account). You can also expect to be able to draw up quotations, invoices and tax returns. But do you still get a lot of paper bills for example? Then it is useful if you can scan it and the data is automatically loaded. Are you on the road a lot? Or do you work a lot with a debt collection agency? Then you want an accounting package that offers a link with a collection partner.

Be critical. Many accounting packages offer countless possibilities. But the more your accounting package can, the more complicated (and more expensive) it becomes. Focus on the things that you really want to do with it, and take extra modules if you need more functions. This way your accounting is easy and clear, and you do not unnecessarily pay too much.


When choosing an accounting package, the costs also play a role. The costs vary considerably: depending on which functionalities you want, you can see which package is most suitable for you.

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There are now more than 50 providers of accounting packages that promise you that their accounting software is the best. Determine how much you want to do for your accounting yourself; do a lot yourself or outsource a lot (higher costs, but fewer mistakes)

  • Does the program suit me and my company (both visually and the terms and functionalities used)
  • How good is the support of the customer service for any questions?
  • What do others say about the accounting package?

How do you choose a simple accounting program?

There are an awful lot of administration programs available and it can be difficult to make a choice here. At first sight you often do not know which program is user-friendly. Therefore, pay attention to the following aspects.

  • It must be a relatively simple system where you do not have to do too many actions.
  • This prevents you from making mistakes and your entire administration running a hundred. The language use must also not be too difficult.
  • Of course you want to understand what it is about. If you immediately see too many complicated accounting terms, the program is probably not suitable.

A simple administration system is such that you do not have to fill in much more than your income and expenses. The rest will then automatically be updated. This means that the minimum requirements of the tax authorities are met.

In random order, these are the following elements: Purchasing and sales administration, debtors and creditors, general ledger and, if applicable, stock records.

A cheap accounting program does not always ensure easy accounting. So when comparing, make sure that you create a trial account of two or three administration packages. This takes little time, but gives you the confirmation that you choose an accounting package that suits you.

A simple accounting program is a program that allows you to easily keep track of your own bookkeeping. Also, the accounting software also calculates how much VAT you have to pay monthly (or per quarter or year).

  • Take a look at the overview page of all different accounting programs – “Compare Accounting Program”
  • Read all the reviews that have written (in combination with other entrepreneurs) about each individual accounting program
  • Choose the three programs that seem best for you
  • Keep a test – You can try each program for free (at least for 1 month).

After you have tested every accounting program, you can make a good choice which accounting package suits you and your company best.

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